Welcome to Revèe

Welcome to Revèe, where we provide non-invasive cosmetic care to reveal the best you. Most of us are working hard to take care of ourselves, but often there is that one element that we don't like about ourselves, whether it is an unlovable area of adipose tissue, an unsightly spider vein, or even some wrinkles or acne. Perhaps we have never considered doing anything about it because of the anticipated cost, the absolutely appropriate fear of anesthesia and surgery, the very real possibility of disfigurement or even having a philosophical issue with unnatural body changes. We have searched the globe to bring you procedures to help you reach your personal goals. There is no surgery, down time or post-procedure care required. Visit us so we may help you assess the best treatments to meet your body and face goals.

Revee Cosmetic Spa Interior

Body Composition

We combine the science of the LipoLight spot fat reduction with low glycemic eating plans to shred fat and dramatically alter body composition.

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Treatment with Viora Reaction™

Viora Reaction™ is exclusively at Revèe in Connecticut. It is an effective, non-invasive and safe procedure that requires no downtime and can be used virtually anywhere on the body and face. Many clients use it as a non-surgical alternative to a facelift or tummy tuck. It also works on cellulite removal.

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The Face

We offer multiple rejuvenation facial services, which combined with nutritional supplements can take years off your face.

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