METABOLIQ®—The world’s only system engineered to transform your body by correcting your metabolism


  • Target the root-cause of weight gain – your metabolism
  • Backed by 30 years of University Research
  • Created by world-renowned metabolism expert Dr. Donald K. Layman

METABOLIQ® is unlike any other product or program in the world. It is the world’s first weight management system proven and engineered to correct the underlying cause of weight gain—your metabolism. Metabolic correction doesn’t just band-aid symptoms, but it produces targeted body changes, that make you healthier, and your weight sustainable for the long-term. Developed by the world-leading expert in protein, it includes nutrients at each meal that activate your body’s own fat-burning mechanism, triggered by properly feeding and building lean muscles.

 The result? Less fat, more lean muscle, superior heath, more energy, a resculpted body – all in just 90 days.  This is metabolic correction.shake-300x375


QORE® System
Your Nutritional Foundation for Optimal-Aging™

You don’t have to become a depressing statistic. Aging doesn’t have to bring about a rapid health decline. You can age and feel well – it’s a choice. The QORE® System is formulated by our team of experts specifically to protect your health and put you back in control. Now you can reclaim your health and feel well again.The QORE® System is a very simple daily wellness program that improves the function of your most essential body systems:

  • Detoxify

  • Improve sleep

  • Boost Immunity

  • Enhance digestion

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Promote healthy inflammation response

Our doctors, formulators and scientists reviewed hundreds of products and settled on these key nutrients as the most important for our optimal-aging™ system. Once you try them, we are sure you will agree, and experience real health again.


The “Miracle Molecule” that Combats Aging.

 Most of us are willing to accept that many things just come along with aging – heart disease, poor memory, lack of energy, cold hands/feet, slower cognition, and sexual problems. The truth is that an incredible molecule, known as Nitric Oxide, can help restore many of these vital functions and processes. It’s presence in our body improves blood flow crucial to the healthy function of nearly every organ and tissue in the body. In fact, the discovery of Nitric Oxide’s role in cardiovascular was so revolutionary that it was awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. However, after age 40, most of us fail to produce enough nitric oxide..that’s where PRIME comes in.PRIME is the most efficient and effective way to restore Nitric Oxide and improve blood flow. prime-edge

TEMPTU Airbrush makeup system and makeup pods.


Apply flawless makeup in 3 minutes!


A natural look. Silicone is the base for these foundations, blushes and highlighters.  Silicon is dewy in nature and has the same reflective properties as natural skin. The silicone is enveloped in water and is delivered to the skin wet but then the water evaporates and leaves the make up on top of the skin, it does not go in the pores, so it reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

We want to see your natural beauty and not your make up!

It is lightweight, water and sweat resistant
It layers on the skin but does not go into the pores.
It leaves your skin with the photo-finish that the pros use.
There is virtually no cleaning of the device
You can, and should, do all three stages of make up application in 3 minutes
The device can sit out because it is small, but also can travel with you, and it comes with its own travel bag.
It is versatile so you will use it more; blush is blush but also great for lips. Highlighter, used on the cupids bow, inner corners of the eye, c-shape over the cheekbone and up and around the eyebrow, but can also double as an eyeshadow!

Temptu also has a self-tanner! Tanning- There is one shade and it works on all skin tones.  It is a gradual face tanner.  Takes 3 hours for the color to come up.  If you want darker, reapply after that!
Don’t want to use a gradual tanner?  Use a darker foundation
Body Camo. Although also silicon-based, this line has a slightly thicker formula.  Great for spider veins and scar cover up!




Is there truly a single nutrient supplement that can improve sleep, mood, libido, skin tone, energy, recovery and decrease cortisol?

We believe that there is;


Are you in pain?  Try our POWERSTRIPS!


Revèe has recently learned about this new, and yet ancient technology that is used to eliminate pain.  In keeping with our philosophy of  non-invasive ways to the best you, we believe that part of that picture is feeling your best as well.  Please do your due diligence using the following resources, or use your own, to learn why we valued this wonderful little patch enough to add it to our product list. Come in and purchase a sample just to build your own belief in the power of the patch.  What have you got to lose, except maybe your discomfort!

Strip Away Your Pain & Improve Your Game with PowerStrips!

Ideal for Athletic Performance, Recovery, Energy
PowerStrips™ are listed by the FDA for Pain Relief, Discomfort.  100% Natural & Safe.
Ingredients: Fermented Red Korean Ginseng, Ionic Silver, Proprietary Marine Phytoplankton & Germanium on outside of strip
*Reduce Repetitive Motion Pain

*Increase Endurance & Strength

*Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion

*Increase Cardio Vascular Capacity

Reported Benefits when wearing the PowerStrips:

~Pain Relief (Head-to-Toe)~Reduces Inflammation ~Increase Athletic Performance ~Reduce Stress/Tension  ~Reduce Athletic Recovery Time~Boost Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally~Reduces Anxiety and Depression~Improve Energy/Mood ~Increase Muscle Strength~Improve Mental Clarity~Decrease Sweet Cravings~Detox and Rebuild

PowerStrips possess the following properties

*Anti-inflammatory        *Anti-anxiety        *Antihistamine        *Antimicrobial        *Antibacterial        *Antifungal

PowerStrips activate far-infrared (FIR) wavelengths when placed on the body. Nitric oxide is increased to healthy levels; thermography readings show resulting increased oxygen and blood flow to areas of need.

Ingredients in the Power Strips:

Proprietary blend of Korean Red Ginseng (fermented) Germanium and a base of minerals. (Calcium, magnesium, potassium, silver ion) and marine phytoplankton (alpha 3 CMP), and a water-soluble adhesive. 100% natural, safe, and effective.


For a detailed discussion on the ingredients  please visit the site

Science/Technology/Testimonials on the PowerStrips: