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EndyMed, by far the most effective radio frequency device on the market for skin tightening and skin resurfacing to treat acne scars!



Clinically Proven 3DEEP RF Technology

EndyMed Medical’s 3DEEP RF technology and medical devices underwent extensive clinical trials prior to market introduction.  These trials have proven both the safety and efficacy of the technology and the devices.  The results of these clinical evaluations have been published in peer reviewed journals and they can be read about in detail the Scientific Resources section.
For the evaluation of 3DEEP technology, multiple laboratory and clinical tools were employed, including:

  • Mathematically simulations of the interaction between electromagnetic fields
  • Infrared thermal photography with ex-vivo biological tissue
  • In-vivo infrared photography
  • In-vivo confocal microscopy
  • In-vivo ultrasonography

In addition, world respected physicians are using 3DEEP RF technology and EndyMed products in their aesthetic practices daily.  Some of these physicians’ responses to EndyMed’s products can be found in the Testimonials section.

Some of the important findings of the clinical trials include:

Infrared thermal imaging proves that 3DEEP RF technology penetrates deeply and effectively to the depth of 4 mm with a temperature gradient of 15° C compared to the surface temperature.  This conclusion verifies that 3DEEP technology can be used without the need for epidermal cooling.

In a study of non-facial wrinkle treatment, analysis revealed improvement (reduction of at least 1 grade in the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Assessment Scale) in most of the patients (83.6% improvement at last follow-up visit according to first reviewer and 96.7% improvement according to the second reviewer).

In a study of scar treatment, it was found that 3DEEP RF technology was effective due to the combination of RF micro-ablation and volumetric deep dermal heating for simultaneous epidermal and dermal effects. The conclusion was that 3DEEP RF technology was very effective in the improvement of skin texture in atrophic acne scars and traumatic scars. 


In a study of lax skin, significant improvement could be observed in wrinkles and skin laxity, and in the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Some changes appeared as early as after a single treatment. Circumference changes of up to 4.3 cm were measured


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Treatment for acne scars: Intensif, for radio-frequency fractional micro needling. This treatment protocol is for all skin types and is used to diminsh or eliminate acne scars and even active acne lesions! Three treatments are enough for profound results.  There is no downtime, scaring or post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation seen with other methods of scar reduction.

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