How it Works:

The unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system is what sets the HydraFacial MD® apart from other procedures. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the devices’ superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively help mitigate environmental damage, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and plump & firm skin for long-term results you can see and feel instantly.

HydraFacial ® is used for sun damage, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dry and dehydrated skin, loss of clarity resilience and firmness, and is a wonderful non-pharmacalogical treatment for acne, oily and congested skin in teenagers.

HydraFacial ® Hydradermabrasion is the latest, non-invasive skin resurfacing and rejuvenation technology in the industry. It is designed and developed to restore and maintain skin health for the client. It is the only procedure today that infuses antioxidants, hyaluronic acid,peptide complex and nutrient skin-enhancing serums into the skin.

The special spiral design of the patented HydroPeel ® tip creates a “vortex-Fusion ™” effect, infusing nutrient, hydrating serums into the skin while softening sebum and impurities.

The Three Phases of the HydraFacial Skin Treatment:

Vortex Cleaning: The HydroPeel ® tip hydrates the skin with nutrient-rich solutions, deeply cleanses the pores, and softens and lifts away impurities.
HydroPeel ® Exfoliation: The patented HydroPeel ® tip has multiple abrasive edges that exfoliates the skin several times each pass, to achieve better, even skin resurfacing.
Vortex Extraction: The vortex effect is created to easily dislodge and remove blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum, allowing for quick and painless extractions.
Vortex Fusion: The unique spiral design Vortex-fuses ™ hydrating skin solutions and potent antioxidants into the skin, improving the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, oily skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Role of Antioxidants, Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid

Antioxidants hold the key to skin cell defense & repair. These skin protectors fortify cells by trapping and containing free radicals and boosting cell function. HydraFacial MD® works to not only detoxify skin clearing away daily wear and tear, but also to replenish the skin with much-needed antioxidants to revitalize and protect. Peptides are links of amino acids that boost collagen and elastin production. These age-refining superstars help to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while also helping to stimulate the body’s natural antioxidant response. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by the body and gives skin its volume and fullness. A lack of Hyaluronic Acid can lead to a decrease in the elasticity of your skin. HydraFacial MD® utilizes a special low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and deeply hydrates the skin like no other.

The Science of HydraFacial Video

Click here for the video:  HydroFacial ®



The Science of Environ SkinCare Products

The key to beautiful skin

Do you want to know a secret? The key to beautiful skin? I mean really? We all know those friends of ours who don’t seem to age as quickly as the rest of us, you look in the mirror and see lines, brown spots, sagging skin, lumpy bumps that don’t go away. I mean I could go on and on. As women we are always looking for that one product to fulfill its promises – Well the key is, quite simply Vitamin A. Humm you say-I can’t use it- it’s too strong, too drying, too irritating. But, what if I could give you all the benefits without the side effects? Truth is vitamin A is the most research skin care ingredient out there- and you need it – cause every day you are losing it when you go out into light. If you started as a child using topical vitamin A, you would not age the way we currently do. Did you really understand that- YOUR SKIN WOULD NOT SHOW SIGNS OF AGING! Basically sun damaged skin is Vitamin A deficient skin. Cure the effects of deficiency, stop the signs of photo aging.

So let’s talk a bit more about Vitamin A and the different forms it comes in. You have the Acid form (that’s the one you need a prescription for.) Typically you can use it 2-3x’s a week at night only and initially it can cause redness, irritation and sun sensitivity. But remember – every time you go into light you lose your stores of vitamin A…. You need to apply it AM and PM 7 days a week.

Then we have the alcohol form, this is in many over the counter products (Buyer beware – if you buy a retinol product AND have never used retinol before- you will experience a reaction – if you don’t then the product you purchased did not have enough retinol in it.) This form can cause the same side effects as the acid form, just to a lesser degree.

Ok then we have the fat-soluble form, or the storage form of Vitamin A. This form is easily tolerated by the skin and is actually photo-protective. By gradually increasing the strength of this form of Vitamin A we can treat all skin types, all ages, skin colors and issues. Ok- you say, now what? How do I find products that use THIS form of Vitamin A, that have enough ingredients to change my skin, but not cause me irritation? Well that’s where Dr Des Fernandes, of Environ Skin Care, has done all the work for you. He pioneered a step up Vitamin A system that can (should!) be used by all ages to prevent and reverse the appearance of signs of photo damage. Basically a trained therapist will analyze your skin condition, and determine where you should start and you simply use it morning and night. Gradually you will see visible changes to the appearance of your skin. That’s the beauty of Vitamin A and the secret to beautiful skin.

And, there’s more……


Environ “Cool Peels”  A new paradigm for peeling- by Dr Des Fernandes

“Start forgetting the conventional peel that works on the concept of killing the epidermis so that it can be replaced with new skin growing from the remnants of the old skin. It may make the skin appear smoother, but it can forever remain thinner.  The “Cool” type of light repetitive “peel” offers us a far better way to get skin to appear smoother, lighter and more healthy-looking. The most one should achieve would be regarded as an exfoliative treatment. A major advantage is that these light peels also help to control an inflamed appearance and help reduce the likelihood of problematic breakouts. The skin takes on a radiant and hydrated appearance. “Cool” repetitive peeling, I believe, offers us a new paradigm. “Cool” peeling opens up a whole new system that allows the safest regime of weekly, or even daily exposures for periods of about six weeks. Once we realize that it is not necessary to kill the skin and torture it into looking smoother, we can capitalize on
the use of light acids that are comfortable to use and give effects that cannot be achieved by heavy peeling, or deep laser treatments.



Dual-Depth Method
Hava’s cosmeceuticals are based on her Dual-Depth Method and include the very latest trans-epidermal delivery systems and state of the art ingredients providing patients with unprecedented broad-spectrum solutions.

Cosmeceuticals ingredients and complexes have experienced a formidable phase of research during the last decade. Ideally we would like those innovative ingredients to reach the dermal/epidermal junction so the active ingredients can diffuse into the dermis layer to maximize their effectiveness in treating the skin concern in question. Since the molecular size of those new complexes exceeds largely the threshold set by the skin barrier, their ability to reach the deeper layers are inhibited and therefore their efficacy in treating the skin concern/ condition is compromised and very limited

The Dual-Depth Method deals specifically with this exact limitation. It engages, using targeted protocols instructions, the advanced delivery agents embedded in the formula, to remit the active ingredients at the inner layers of our skin. The philosophy of our products, regimen and professional protocols is about maximizing the penetration of active ingredients to reach the deepest level of the epidermis and treat not only the symptoms but the source of the skin condition.



What Are Hava Zingboim’s Innovative And Unique Solutions?

Increasing the Skin’s Firmness and Elasticity with Highly Stable Biomimetec Peptides

  • Hava Zingboim introduces a large spectrum of biomimetec peptides – small chains of amino acids that mimic specific roles of natural peptides functioning in our skin.
  • These biomimetec peptides encourage the skin to act as a young healthy skin again.
  • Specific biomimetec peptides increase production of collagen, elastin and other water attracting molecules so the skin’s dermal infrastructure is reinforced and skin looks more elastic and firm.
  • The biomimetec treatment protocol offers dermalheating and cooling effects that encourage stimulatedcollagen production.

Preserving the Skin’s Structure and Immune System with Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory Agents and MMPs* Inhibitors

  • Anti-inflammatory agents moderate inflammatory responses to preserve and reinforce the skin’s ability to defend itself.
  • Ingredients similar to skin’s natural sebum help the skin preserve its strong barrier function.
  • Antioxidants help combat the harmful effect of free radicals.
  • Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP’s)* inhibitors reduce the breakdown of important skin fibers responsible for its strong structural infrastructure.

*MMP’s are proteolytic enzymes that also cause degradation of dermal layer structural proteins such as collagen and elastin fibers

Improving the Skin’s Volume and Hydration Level by Revolutionary Hyaluronic Microsponges

The Microsponges are unique moisture sponges filled with hyaluronic acid that plump up the skin. This revolutionary combination of both sponges and hyaluronic acid, both known for their hydration absorption attributes, each in its own way dramatically increases the skin’s hydration level, volume and resilience. When applied on fine lines, wrinkles, lips, nasal folds and marionette lines, the skin is plumped up and the lines are dramatically less visible.

Increasing Cellular Renewal with Highly Effective Exfoliators and Skin Rejuvenating Agents

Retinol and a wide spectrum of highly potent acids act to stimulate the skin rejuvenation process without compromising its defensive barrier. When dead skin cells are shed, younger, more hydrated cells are produced at an accelerated rate, improving the skin’s tone, brightness and temporary blood circulation. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is minimized

Acne Treatment:

1- Addressing Not Only The Observable Symptoms of Acne But Also The Major Outcomes of All Acne-Triggering Factors While Simultaneously Treating Both Epidermal and Dermal Layers (Hava Zingboim Dual- Depth Method)

These major outcomes relate to overactive sebaceous glands, corneocytes (dead skin cells) accumulation on the stratum corneum (upper skin layers) and proliferation of the P. Acnes-Propionibacterium Acnes. Each factor is thoroughly and comprehensively addressed as follows:

(a) The HZ solution for accumulation of excess corneocytes & irregular cell renewal rate is Retinyl Palmitate that functions in synergy with an innovative complex of highly potent chemical exfoliators that are released into the skin via advanced time release skin care technology.

This complex ensures complete penetration and effective visible results. According to the formula goals, few selected ones or all of the following ingredients are gradually released one after the other into the skin over the course of eight hours after application.

Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Citric Acid & Lactobionic Acid (the next generation of AHAs)

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells that pile upon the surface of the skin and within the hair follicle thereby stimulating healthy regular cell renewal rate; the epidermis speeds up production of younger, more hydrated skin cells into the surface in order to reveal a more youthful, healthy complexion
  • Facilitate the penetration of all other active ingredients in the HZ formulas for maximum bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal effects without dehydrating the skin. This allows treatment results to be dramatically more effective and visible.
  • Stimulate collagen production and increase the potency/support the activities of all ECM building biomimetic peptides in HZ acne products.