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The Doctors

Price: $150/HydraFacial session
There are add-ons that include; LED lights for skin tightening or acne and Dermabuilder. Prices vary according to area treated.

Environ, the same product line used at Canyon Ranch and their hundreds of cruise-line spas!


Beauty Starts with Beautiful Skin

“We’ve Combined the Best of Modern Science with a Deep Passion for Healthy-Looking, Beautiful Skin”

Environ products may look like just another skin care range. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a world where women and men are bombarded with bizarre promises about youthful looking skin, the common experience is complete disappointment and frustration. This is simply because most skin care products are little more than old-fashioned moisturizers with one or more “magic” ingredients that have little or no research behind them and are only included for marketing purposes.

Environ starts from a very different place. We begin with science; we research the issues involved with skin health and work from there to create a range of products that provides comprehensive care. And we are driven by passion; skin care should be of the highest possible quality, providing the greatest benefit to the customer.

Price for this Deep Cleansing facial – $90

Environ “Cool Peels”- by Dr Des Fernandes, Founder

“Environ has been the lone voice in the wilderness of peeling systems. For nearly 20 years I have insisted that there are major problems with the standard peeling systems used around the world. I learned the hard way that peeling can be dangerous and that is why I modified my attitude to peeling. Because of my
different approach to peeling I was invited in 1995 to the ISAPS Seminar in New York to instruct doctors about serial light peeling. I have always insisted that the results of serial light peeling, using the Environ Cool Peeling System, are far safer and at least equally effective.

The Environ Cool Peels are all designed so that you can see exactly where you have applied the peel and cannot over-treat any one area. You can also modify the strength of the peel by either changing the concentration of the acid, or by changing the length of time that the peel is left on the skin. All our peels
are slow-developing peels and, while they take longer than the standard peels that are offered, they are safer and more precise. At conferences, where I have been pitted against proponents of heavy TCA peeling, my photographs
have been acknowledged as equal in results, but my patients’ skins were always normal in appearance. However, the heavier peels always show people with pink, inflamed-looking skins. Environ believes that heavy peeling is over-valued and should seldom be done. I have designed this whole system very carefully to be safe, effective and gratifying. You can be quite confident that with the Environ
system you will never ever have any disasters.”

Price for this Cool Peel- $100
Series of 4 Cool Peels – $350




  • Hava Zingboim’s Biomimetec line of products is rooted in the latest advantages of skin care technologies and innovative highly stable ingredients. The line consists of 15 products and a professional treatment protocol that treat not only the symptoms of hormonally and genetically aging skin but also their root causes ensuring effective, long-lasting results for healthy looking skin. The biomimetec line is based on Hava Zingboim’s Dual-Depth methodology, which advocates use of skin treatment both within the epidermis (upper layer) and the dermis (deeper layer) of the skin.
  • Skin aging begins long before menopause. Even in our late 20’s, we can see and feel that our skin is not functioning at an optimal level. We may notice a drastic decline in the skin’s hydration level, firmness and elasticity as well as irregularities in texture and tone. This may be caused by hormone imbalance, stress, lifestyle choices, disease, extreme diets and pregnancy.
  • A wide spectrum of potent peptides, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, exfoliators and rejuvenating ingredients along side an effective skin hydration mechanism, work in ideal synergy. This synergy allows the skin to act as young skin again by mimicking the natural biological processes that occur in young healthy skin .The result is plumped up and hydrated skin that appears glowing, dramatically firmer, and with improved texture and tone.
  • A healthy, radiant, vibrant looking skin is achieved without any patient down time period and without any invasive procedures.
Price for this Anti-Aging facial: $80



  • Hava Zingboim- Acne Protocol A & Acne Protocol B products are rooted in the latest advantages of skin care technologies and potent ingredients. These carefully selected traditional, highly effective ingredients perform alongside active, innovative non-aggressive and non-irritating breakthrough ingredients to create an optimal synergy for long lasting results.
  • Most ingredients have dual, triple and quadruple functions each to achieve intensified results. The acne line consists of home care regimen products and is supported by professional treatment protocols (not mandatory) to intensify the desired results and to speed up the patients’ healing process.
  • Hava Zingboim via skin care specialists, beauty salons and treatment spas, offers exclusive innovative and unique solutions to addressing acne, which affect up to 80% of people in their adolescence years and twenties and up to 5% of older men and women alike. This skin concern is caused by various factors, which we take into thorough consideration. These acne-triggering factors are usually related to the patient’s age, skin type, life style choices, hormonal changes and genetic background.
  • Hava Zingboim’s 500,000 successfully treated patients testify to an overall dramatic improvement in the overall appearance, health and function of their skin as early as three weeks from the start of treatment. Our highly active yet gentle formulas heal and clarify skin imperfections and prevent their reappearance on the skin while hydrating, exfoliating, rejuvenating, protecting and brightening the skin (including post inflammatory pigmentation spots). A healthy, radiant, vibrant looking skin is achieved without any patient down time period and without any invasive procedures.


Price for this Acne facial: $70
This service is offered in packages for best results and are discounted accordingly.